Adult Novice Hockey

The Yakima Adult Co-ed Novice Hockey League is dedicated to helping adults of all skill levels learn the basic fundamentals of ice hockey.

Combining drills designed to improve skating, passing, and shooting technique the YACHL helps adults interested in playing hockey develop good fundamentals. From people who have never laced up a pair of skates to former players who are looking to get back into the game the YACHL has something to offer everyone. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, patient, and dedicated to seeing everyone enjoy the game. In addition to drills there are also scrimmages, discussions on rules and positioning, as well as a beginner tournament during the season.  

Note: Newcomers should plan on arriving 20-30 minutes early so we can get you set up and make sure you have all the proper equipment needed.


Classes are each Monday at 8:30PM throughout the season October-March at Yakima Ice Rink. Membership to USA Hockey is a requirement for all on-ice programs at the Yakima Ice Rink. You can sign up through the USA Hockey website. Membership is good for the current hockey season and as an added benefit your membership allows free public skate sessions through the year. Be sure to print out your forms and bring them with you for your first class.


Fee structure for the season is $100 per session which covers 12 classes.  The 2015/2016 season consists of two sessions, Fall-Winter and Winter-Spring.


For those concerned about equipment the rink does have a limited supply of helmets, pads, and skates. These can be loaned out for each session on a first come first serve basis. Don’t let lack of proper equipment keep you from trying out the program. Borrowing equipment gives you the chance to see if you like it and also provides a bridge until you can get equipment of your own. Looking to buy your own now? Please feel free to contact us as a resource. We often know where to get good deals on quality used gear.

Overall our rink community is like a family and we’re dedicated to growing the sport we love in Yakima. Even if you’re on the fence about it there is really no better time than now to get involved and give it a try.

Questions? Comments?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you and even better to see you there!  You can also find us on Facebook.

Late season scrimmage.

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